Saturday, December 17, 2011

Save on Complete ATV Snow Plow Packages from GearUp2Go and Kolpin Powersports!

Save on ATV snow plow packages from!

FREE 2,500 lb. Kolpin Winch* with the Purchase of the DIX-C ATV Snow Plow System
The DIX-C ATV Snow Plow System with Drive-In X-Change by Kolpin Powersports comes complete with everything you need to start plowing today! This exclusive package includes a forward ATV mount, DIX-C forward all-season push frame, a rugged 52" poly frame, dual trip springs, adjustable skid shoes, a double-sided wear bar and a Kolpin 2,500 lb. winch! Click here for more details!
Starting At: $574.95 with FREE SHIPPING!

– OR –

Save Over $180.00 on a Complete X-Factor Snow Plow System with 2,500 lb. Kolpin Winch!*
The X-Factor Complete ATV Snow Plow System by Kolpin is the industry's first complete bolt-together plow system in a box! This package comes with everything you need to start plowing today, including a heavy-duty, three-piece steel blade and tube steel frame! Click here for more details.
Special Price: $499.95 with FREE SHIPPING!

* Vehicle-specific winch mount is not included. Click here to shop winch mounts.

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