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New ATV and Side by Side Products for 2012- From Dealer EXPO

2012 Indianapolis Dealer Expo Report

10 New and Innovative Products for your ATV and UTV

Story by Lucas Cooney, Photography by Lucas Cooney, Feb. 21, 2012

We just got back home from our annual pilgrimage to Indianapolis, Ind., to see the latest and greatest powersports accessories. Though it seemed a little less crowded with dealers than in years past, the 2012 Indianapolis Dealer Expo featured more new ATV and UTV products than we expected. The economy may still be still struggling to right itself, but it doesn’t seem to have slowed innovation and we couldn’t be more excited about it.This year’s Dealer Expo saw some aftermarket names introduce some exciting new products. Companies like Vance & Hines, Yoshimura, DragonFire Racing all released some accessories that will be high on many wish lists. As well, some new faces have entered the fray with bold ideas that are sure to raise an eyebrow and help take our industry to the next level.
Vance & Hines Dual Exhaust System

Vance and Hines Exhaust
This Arctic Cat Wildcat 1000 is outfitted with a brand new Vance & Hines exhaust.

Vance & Hines has been a major player in the motorcycle performance market for many years. The exhaust manufacturer has finally decided to go off-road with a brand new dual exhaust system for the Arctic Cat Wildcat 1000 and Polaris RZR XP 900. When we say brand new, we mean it. The system wasn’t unveiled until the show floor opened on Friday, Feb. 17.
This is no slip-on pipe. Vance & Hines engineers designed a completely new exhaust system with a dual header flowing into a single merge collector and finally feeding into two stainless steel mufflers. Beyond offering a boost in power, Vance & Hines told that the system easily passes noise requirements for every ride area in the United States (less than 93dB). We can’t wait to test this wicked system out!
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Yoshimura UTV Accessories

Yoshimura RS-8 Exhaust
Yoshimura has jumped into the UTV market with a host of power products and hard parts.

While Vance & Hines waited until the Dealer Expo opened to unveil its new exhaust, Yoshimura let the world know earlier in the week. Yoshimura, like Vance & Hines, has long been associated with motorcycle performance. However, Yoshimura has also been producing ATV accessories for years, so it was no surprise to see the move to UTVs.
Along with a brand new RS-8 exhaust system (96dB), Yoshimura has also branched out into hard parts with Carbon Fiber Intake Scoops, Carbon Fiber Mirror, Aluminum Racing Roofs, Aluminum Wind Deflectors, and Radiator Roost Guards.
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DragonFire Racing Accessories

DragonFire Racing Gauges
We absolutely want these gauges in our next project machine. They look slick and offer very useful information.

We make no bones about the fact that we think DragonFire Racing makes some of the best off-road products anywhere, so we were pretty excited to see an assortment of new UTV goodies in the DFR booth at Dealer Expo.
Of particular interest to us was the Gauge Cluster that measures voltage, water temperature, and oil pressure. If you think dummy lights on the dash are all you need, wait until you case your machine on a jagged rock and start leaking oil. This product can save your engine! Also, you can color match it to your machine.
Also new is the Hiboy door for the Polaris RZR XP 900. The handle to release the latch has been moved up so you don’t accidently hit it with your knee. As with other DFR doors, this one closes with a confidence-inspiring click and feels like it will last forever.
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DWT Sector 3-piece Wheel

DWT Sector 3 Piece
The DWT Sector 3-piece gives users options.
DWT Sector 3 Piece
This cutaway shows how the wheel halves are attached to the billet center.

Douglas Wheel & Tire provided us with our favorite wheel of year with the Sector 3-piece wheel. This is a true three-piece wheel made up of two lightweight aluminum wheel halves which bolt to a billet center (available in bead-lock or rolled lip). According to DWT, an airtight seal is formed by a strong rubber ring seated in a machined groove between each wheel half.
What all this means is that if you damage your wheel, you don’t have to replace the whole thing. It also means you can swap out any one piece so you can achieve different offsets for different types of riding. As well, the bead-lock models come with DWT’s steel nut plate system, which allows for easy thread fixing.
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Highlifter Outlaw DHT Axle

Highlifter Outlaw DFT
Is this the new benchmark for ATV axles?

Few companies know more about axles and what kind of stresses they can or can’t take than Highlifter. That’s why we were excited to see the brand new DHT axle at Dealer Expo. DHT stands for the dual heat treatment process each of these axles goes through before being boxed up and shipped to you. Both the cage and the housing are dual heat treated. According to Highlifter, this produces an axle that is tough, resistant to wear and has an extended life.
Highlifter didn’t stop with the DHT technology, as the new axle also feature puncture-resistant boots made from thermoplastic polyester elastomer. Highlifter told that this material is miles better than the rubber boots found on competitive axles. Also, the Outlaw DHT axle is compatible with Mobil 1 synthetic grease, which keeps axle joints cooler. Finally, each axle is tuned to allow up to a three-inch lift for most applications.
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Wide Open Drive Shaft Switch Out

Wide Open Draft Shaft Switch Out
This will make a lot of Honda 4x4 ATV owners smile.

It’s not often we find a product at Dealer Expo that isn’t designed for a new machine, but the Wide Open Drive Shaft Switch Out is a novel solution to an old problem.
Unless you’ve got a 2005 or prior year Honda 4x4 ATV, chances are you don’t need this product. However, many thousands of people still ride their trusty Hondas and are looking for a way to switch from all-time 4WD to 2WD. For just a few hundred dollars and a little work in the garage you’ll be able to switch from 2WD to 4WD on the fly.
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ProMan PTO

ProMan PTO Profile
The ProMan PTO gives a new meaning to "Utility" ATV.

While we tend to focus on high-performance products when walking the floor at Dealer Expo, once in a while a company will do something with an ATV or UTV that we never imagined possible. One such example is the ProMan PTO.
This device claims to turn your ATV or UTV into a powerful hydraulic work platform by installing a power take-off (PTO) system. Once the PTO is installed, you can attach a mower, dual action log splitter, or leaf/debris blower and manage your property easier than ever before. More attachments are already in the works, including a post-hole digger, auger, and tree cutter. Once the work is done, you can quickly disconnect the hydraulic system and hit the trails.
We expect to test the ProMan PTO out in the near future and if it’s as good as we’re hoping, it may eliminate the need for many land owners to buy a compact tractor.
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Liquid Image Torque HD Goggles

Liquid Image Torque HD
Liquid Image's Torque HD goggles may take action video to a new level.

Liquid Image goggles, which have been around for a little while now, allow you to shoot HD video from your goggles. At the 2012 Dealer Expo Liquid Image showed off the future with its new Torque HD goggles, which takes the technology to a new level.
Where the camera in the original goggles was basically stationary, the lens in the Torque HD goggles can be tilted up or down depending on your preference. As well, the new goggles are equipped with WiFi, so your friends can see what you’re seeing in real time if they are within range (about 100 meters).
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Defender UTV Cab

Defender Cab System
No other UTV cab system grabbed our attention like the Defender.

The aftermarket is flooded with UTV cab systems for virtually any application, so it’s rare that one stands out from the pack. L.B. Manufacturing has done just that with its Defender Cab enclosure for the Can-Am Commander.
This cab just looks like it can take a beating. It’s made of impact, fade and UV resistant plastic panels, and also comes with a molded rear panel designed to seal perfectly while allowing the dump box to operate normally. As well, the windshield is made of laminated safety glass. The Defender also comes with removable, smooth-action lift-off doors with push-button locking handles. Available accessories include a heating system, electric wipers, stereo system, dome light and sliding rear window.
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ITP Tires

ITP Blackwater Mega Mayhem
ITP Tires came to Dealer Expo loaded with new ATV and UTV tires.

It’s tough to miss the tires at Dealer Expo, as a huge section of prime real estate is set aside for the major tire manufacturers each year. ITP Tires came out with guns blazing in 2012 with a host of new and updated rubber for ATVs and UTVs alike.
Leading the way is the new Black Water Evolution. Designed for UTVs, the Black Water Evolution is an 8-ply radial tire with a non-directional tread design. ITP boasts that the original Black Water, released in 1989, was the industry’s first dedicated mud tire. Though there are more aggressive mud tires available today, the Evolution claims to offer amazing traction while maintaining a smooth ride. It also comes with Sidewall Armor, which protects the shoulder area from penetration and should improve reliability over the long haul.
ITP also showed off its new Mega Mayhem and Turf Tamer Classic tires at Dealer Expo. The Mega Mayhem offers an aggressive tire with 1.5-inch-deep lugs in a lightweight 6-ply design, while the Turf Tamer Classic and Classic MX bring an old name back with some new design.

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Pwd Off Road Spring Bash 2012


February 17, 2012

For immediate release-
Pwd Off Road Spring Bash 2012 Presented by Lucas Oil Inc.  


The event starts on Thursday April 12th through Sunday April 15th, but you can arrive at anytime, you do not have to stay the entire event, of coarse we want you to, but it is not a requirement. The event coincides with Autism Awareness month, and we ask that you try to wear something light blue during the event to honor this. Along with us is our great friend The Mud Buddies Foundation. They will be on site providing free rides to those with Disabilities!
Reservations for Lodging / camping / RV sites

Contact Ride Royal Blue directly via website on line reservations @ www. or by phone @ (423) 784-9445. If you are a PWD OFF ROAD member you will receive a 20% discount from Ride Royal Blue for all lodging types of reservations. It is very important that you make your lodging reservations as soon as possible for this event is booking up very quickly on lodging and camping slots. Non-PWD members will be charged their regular rate. To become a PWD member and take advantage of these discounts and many others is very simple and affordable...just click on the members icon at the top of this page.

Trail passes

Trail passes can be obtained at the Ride Royal Blue gate or go to anyplace that sells hunting licenses in Tennessee. Request a license to hunt and fish on a wma. Make sure they give you (or just ask for) a 001 res combo hunt/fish license and a 093 WMA small game stamp. This permit combo will allow access to ride North Cumberland (old Royal Blue - Ride Royal Blue is the resort) until Feb. 28, 2013. By obtaining these permits using the above methods you will save money on the passes, buying a regular OHV pass is much more expensive than buying the 001&093 permits.  A valid driver’s license is required to obtain a trail pass or permit. Permits are sold by the VEHICLE not per person; one permit covers the entire vehicle and its passengers. Children 13 and under are free and will not be charged for their permit.

Food / Meals

Ride Royal Blue has been gracious enough to provide a “home style cooked meal “for Breakfast& Dinner at a discounted rate for PWD members. Costs for meals are as follows:

PWD Member prices are as follows: Breakfast
Adults $6.00 / Kids (under 12) $4.00

Adults $8.00 / Kids (under 12) $4.00

Packed for the trails 
Non-PWD members are as follows: Breakfast
Adults $8.00 / Kids (under 12) $6.00

Adults $10.00 / Kids (under 12) $6.00

Packed for the trails 

Highlights of event

  • Guided rides for all ages led by the Royal Blue Rangers Club
  • Special rides from the Mud Buddies Foundation for persons with disabilities
  • Spreading Autism Awareness
  • Vendor’s area
  • Door prizes
  • Attendee “goody bags” filled with coupons, discount cards and some surprise goodies!!!
  • Chinese auction on a variety of awesome products from our sponsors in the ATV industry 
  • Night rides
  • Bonfire and social gatherings in the evenings
  • Media coverage during the event
  • Live Entertainment by Jason Thomas
Across the U.S. Thomas has also performed at fundraisers benefiting the American Cancer Society, The Association of Retarded Citizens, St. Judes Children’s Hospital, the Nam Knights fundraiser for military veterans, Police Benevolent Association, and the Firefighters Union. We are honored to have Jason perform a concert for us at this event and looking forward to everyone enjoying his music!

Event Schedule

Thursday April 12th
8am -10am Vendor’s area set up

8am - 10am Breakfast
8am Check-in begins
8am Open riding
9am Royal Blue Rangers Guided Rides throughout the day
d Buddies Foundation rides for the those with disabilities 10am Vendor’s area open
11am-1pm Lunch at leisure
1pm – 6pm Open riding
5pm Daily Chinese auction ticket sales end
5pm – 7pm Dinner
7pm Door prize &  Chinese Auction winners posted at PWD tent.
7pm meet and greet / bonfire / night ride

Friday April 13th
8am Vendor’s area open

8am - 10am Breakfast
8am Check-in begins
8am Open riding
9am Royal Blue Rangers Guided Rides throughout the dayMud Buddies Foundation rides
10am Vendor’s area open
11am-1pm Lunch at leisure
1pm – 6pm Open riding
5pm Daily Chinese auction ticket sales end
5pm – 7pm Dinner
7pm Door prize & Chinese Auction winners posted at PWD tent.
7pm meet and greet / bonfire / night ride

Saturday April 14th
8am Vendor’s area open

8am - 10am Breakfast
8am Check-in begins
8am Open riding
9am Royal Blue Rangers Guided Rides throughout the day Mud Buddies Foundation rides
10am Vendor’s area open
11am-1pm Lunch at leisure
1pm – 6pm Open riding
5pm Daily Chinese auction ticket sales end
5pm – 7pm Dinner
7pm Door prize & Chinese Auction winners posted at PWD tent.
TBA Live concert from Jason Thomas

Sunday April 15th
8am - 10am Breakfast

8am Open riding
11am-1pm Lunch at leisure
12pm Final Chinese auction drawing

Event sponsors and Vendors
Lucas Oil Inc. Gear Up 2 Go, LLC                     Motosport
Master-Pull PowerMadd Tucker Rocky
Quad Boss EVS Sports SuperATV
Quickloader Gorilla Axle Ride Royal Blue
MAddOG Morrell Motosports ATV Illustrated Magazine
UTV Illustrated Magazines Bower Motosports Media
Eastside Powersports                   X-Brand Goggles -EKS

Vendors and groups supporting the event in other ways:

ATV Escape Royal Blue Rangers Mud Buddies Foundation
Tree Dodgers Holler Crawlers Ridin’Dirty
Mountianeer Trailriders On The Trail TV

PWD Off Road Organization is here to help and assist in any way we can, should you need special accommodations or modified lodging, special meal types or anything else, please contact us, we are more than happy to assist in every way possible. We welcome all to attend and we are reaching out to help those with Disabilities to enjoy off road fun. Come on down to

Tennessee and let’s ride! This is event is open to all. We are extremely honored and grateful for all that have supported us and this special event. Thank you for your support in PWD Off Road and we hope to see you there!

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New Clothing from GearUp2Go!

Spring is just around the corner and it's time to GearUp2Go for some perfect leisurely side by side rides and spend time with friends and family as you explore the great out doors.  We have some great new riding accessories for your rides we want to share with you.  We thought we would start with some of the new clothing items we have on hand.

This stylish Monster Energy hooded sweatshirt features a contrasting green front zipper with custom metal zipper pull. Black with green contrast stripe along the pockets and green inner hood, applique logo on the left chest and embroidered logo on upper right back uniquely accent this awesome hoodie.  Made of 80% cotton, 20% polyester with 100% polyester lining for added warmth.  Available in sizes Medium and X Large.

This comfortable jersey combines performance fabric with Polaris graphics and the Polaris Pursuit Camo pattern. The moisture-wicking mesh fabric helps keep a rider dry and comfortable.
  • Fabric: 100% polyester, moisture wicking mesh
  • Graphics: Polaris logo on chest and forearms
  • Additional Features: Camo pattern is Polaris Pursuit Camo featured on Polaris off-road vehicles
  • Sizes: S-3XL
This zip-front Gridlock hooded sweatshirt is made of black 80% cotton, 20% polyester fabric with contrast stitched panels at the shoulders, pouch pockets, and elbows.  Featuring classic contrast green zipper and hood taping, rib knit cuffs and wasteband, this hoodie is the perfect addition to your Kawasaki riding gear.  The screenprinted logos on the left chest and back, and embroidered logo on the cuff add style to this comfortable sweatshirt.  Available in a variety of sizes.

Polaris hoodie

This styliish Red zip up Polairs Hoodie is 100% Cotton and is made to last while out riding.

The Divas Womans Fleece Jacket lets you stay warm and cozy. This laser etched micro fleece is color blocked in charcoal gray and black accents.
Divas SnowGear was conceived after many years of personal frustration with the limited selection of women's apparel in the snowmobile industry. There were a few large companies making decent women's snowmobile gear and apparel, but nothing that was really feminine or stylish. They wanted to create a truly unique line of women's gear and clothing designed by real women who demand to get the look and function they want, but at an affordable price.
  • Stay warm and cozy with this super cool, laser etched micro fleece
  • Color blocked in charcoal gray and black accents.
  • Available in sizes XS-3XL

The unique flame graphics running down the left side of the front of this tee reflect the red-hot performance of Polaris racers. This comfortable long-sleeved tee has the flame graphic as well as an ellipses logo on the front, and the Polaris Racing logo across the back.
  • Color: Black
  • Sizes: M-2XL
  • Fabric: 100% cotton
  • Graphics: Flame graphic and ellipses logo on the front of the shirt and the Polaris Racing logo across the back.
In the coming days look blogs on audio accessories, tire & wheel kits, lighting accessories and more!