Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kyle Hart Wins Lucas Oil Off Road- Modified Kart Division by .19 hundredths of a second!!

Press Release
June 28, 2011 Driver- Kyle Hart- Gets His First Win
Kyle Hart Wins Lucas Oil Off Road- Modified Kart Division by .19 hundredths of a second!!
Congratulation to Kyle Hart on his first win on the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series.  Not only is Kyle’s first win awesome, but to pull it off in such a fashion is unbelievable, Kyle passed Sheldon Creed on the final turn and pulled ahead by .19 hundredths of a second to secure his first  trip atop the podium.  This is the smallest margin of victory ever recorded in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing.  This Lucas Series race, presented by Geico, was held this past weekend at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, UT, just outside of Salt Lake City. is so proud to be sponsoring such a great young driver and one that embodies attributes perfectly meshed with the brand – determined, never compromising, quality, innovative, and a winner!
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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Air Filters 101: Why, when and how to service my engine’s air filter

Why do I need to service my air filter? The air filters job is to filter out dust and dirt from the air entering the engine. Even a very small amount of dust will lead to rapid cylinder wear and high oil consumption, regardless of the age of the vehicle.
The dirt that is cleaned from the incoming air builds up on the air filter surface, as the dirt builds up, the resistance to air flow increases, at some point the dirt will be drawn through the filter element and into the engine causing premature engine wear and increased oil consumption.
Servicing a Foam Filter
Watch this video to see how to carry out the steps outlined below.
Step 1 – Remove the air filter from the ATV, then remove the foam element from the filter guide. TIP: The end cap is a press fit which will require a good pull to remove.
Step 2 – Soak the element in solvent for several minutes to break down the oil then rinse in solvent to remove as much dirt as possible.
Step 3 – Squeeze out the solvent and wash the element in warm soapy water, then rinse in clean water. Squeeze out the excessive water and let the element dry. Use rubber gloves.
Step 4 – (Don’t skip this step, it’s the most important of all) Apply a liberal amount Yamaha foam filter oil to the element. Completely saturate the entire foam element, and then squeeze out the excess filter oil.
TIP: Its difficult (and expensive) to fully saturate the element inside and out using aerosol foam filter oil. It can often require ½ a can per filter and any missed spots will result in engine damage, for this reason aerosol foam filter oil is not recommended.
Step 5 – install the element onto the filter guide, replace the end cap and re-install the filter assembly into the ATV.

Dirty air filter can result in engine damage
Dirty air filter can result in engine damage
When do I need to service my air filter? The actual miles or hours will vary widely. For someone riding in a low dust area that could be many miles and months. On the other extreme, as with desert riding in groups, it could be as little as a few hours. The only way to know for sure is to check it frequently. It’s quick and easy and much less hassle than replacing the cylinder, piston and rings.
You will know it is time to clean it when; a) Any part of the filter oil has dried out from dirt or debris as this spot has lost its ability to capture dirt. b) When any of the filter pores are completely blocked from dirt or debris causing reduced air flow.
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

GearUp2Go's Johnny Greaves sets new Crandon Pro-4 track record and earns the Oakley > Bomb Award.

Johnny Greaves Breaks Crandon Track Record in Winning Effort

Abrams, WI (June 20, 2011)-Anxious to head to more familiar territory and a dryer track, Johnny Greaves motorsports knocked the mud and frustration off of their respective trucks and stormed into Crandon International Raceway this past Father's Day weekend.

After rain earlier in the week, the track crews worked hard and had the track in near perfect racing condition for qualifying on Friday. But with gray skies looming, everyone was hoping to get Saturday's race underway, unencumbered by the extra weight of mud. A man building a large wooden boat near the track with animals lined up by it didn't help the feelings of the

Crandon faithful.

Johnny Greaves sets new Crandon Pro-4 track record and earns the OakleyBomb Award.
When the dust settled on Saturday, Johnny had broken the Pro-4 track record and claimed his first victory of the season for Monster Energy/ ReadyLift/ Maxxis Tire and Toyota as well as the Oakley Bomb Award. This was Maxxis Tires first Pro-4 win, proving they are a force to contend with in the Pro-4 class. Unfortunately, Sunday's race had to be canceled due to rain.

Johnny lined up 3rd and pored the coals to his Monster Energy Toyota on the land rush start-reaching a speed of nearly 100mph as the field hit the famous Potawatomi turn one. Johnny won the holeshot and pulled away to a 4 or 5 car lead. He bicycled the Tundra in the gravel pit turn but managed to save it, losing only 1 position to Adrian Cenni. Cenni's lead was short lived as Johnny regained the lead in the argon turn section. Greaves powered his red-plated number 22 Toyota to a comfortable lead following the competition caution to cruse to victory lane.
Marty Hart wins the pole position for Saturday's Pro-2 race.
Marty Hart qualified his Maxxis Tire clad Toyota Pro-2 to a commanding pole position. He emerged from the turn one hole shot in second and was looking strong behind Rob MacCachren. On lap two, he cut a tire down and had to pit before the midway caution. This put him a lap down and out of contention. Even though he was a lap down, he ran close with the top five throughout the
remainder of the race.

CJ Greaves, racing both the Super Buggy and Pro Light classes, strapped in his buggy to defend his 2010 championship for the first time this season. He went side-by-side through turn 1 with Larry Job and settled in to CJ suffers a flat tire with 2 laps remaining in the Super Buggy class but manages a 2nd place finish.

the second place position through lap 1. On lap 2, he knocked most of the air out of his front tire. In spite of the low tire, he managed to hang tight with the leader. As the front 2 pulled away from the field, the race wound down to 2 laps. Some early race contact took its toll on his tires and he suffered a right rear flat. Incredibly, he held on to take the second place podium spot!

Fresh off his outstanding showing at Red Bud, CJ proceeded to claim his first pole position in his Traxxas/ Monster Energy/Maxxis/Oakley Pro Light Toyota. From the pole position, he thought he had reached turn one in good shape after the land rush start, but not so. He was collected in a multi-truck crash when Luke Johnson lost control of his machine. The mayhem brought out the red flag and a complete restart of the race. With a broken tie-rod, CJ's was toed back to the pit area. In order to allow the toe-truck to drop CJ's truck, the team used a jack to catch the truck from the hook. Officials thought the team had worked on their truck during the red flag and put CJ on the back row for the restart.

CJ won the pole position but was involved in a 1st lap turn 1 crash.
"Sometimes you just feel a little snake bit," said Greaves about the penalty. "We did what we thought was within the rules and the judgment call didn't go our way. The guys did not work on the truck so it was very disappointing to know that we had a great truck but had to start in the back." With just about the entire field in front of him, CJ patiently worked his way back up to the 6th. He tried hard to get around the very wide machine of Todd Cunningham but couldn't make it happen. He settled for the 6th place, important in the points standing which tightened up considerably following the weekend. CJ is now sitting third in the points.

The team will head to the eastern seaboard for the first time in the sports history to Charlotte Motor Speedway for rounds 5 and 6 of the Traxxas TORC Series. The race is slated for July 22-23 in Concord, NC