Tuesday, June 7, 2011

ATV Trail Tales Adventure Weekend

Our latest adventure took us to Price County Wisconsin to experience some of the best trail riding a rider can put under the bars. We had a blast RVing and riding many types of machines including the new Polaris Ranger 400 H.O. which has the most powerful 400 I have ever ridden. This thing felt like a 600 and was light, nimble and smooth.  

We had dry conditions for the first day of riding with temps in the low 70's. An unusually warm day considering locals said that there was 6" of snow on the ground only 2 weeks prior to our trip up. After a great first day rain rolled in soaking the trails all night long. Upon our departure for day 2 we had LOTS of water but the trails in this area are loam, rock and sand so they dried out pretty quickly. The clouds were lingering a bit but the storm front moved East our of the area so we were clear for a great day of rain free riding.

A Great Place for Water, Ammo, Maps, Etc.

During this ride we used a few great products that I feel every rider should own. First up is the Quad Boss UTV Roll Cage Organizer. For under $40 this thing doubles the amount of storage for most UTVs. Its universal fit and worked really well on our ride. We loaded it up with cell phones, a few bottles of water and pretty much anything we could get in it and the straps held even with all the weight we had added.

Kolpin Cargo Spyder Net has LOTS of uses!
Another great product every rider should have is the Kolpin Cargo Spyder Net. We used these to hold down our items and bags in the back of the UTV while we rode (and rode hard). Also were a great item for keeping stuff down in the back of the pickup and keeping chairs secured in the RV. For $10 it is worth its weight in gold since it has so many uses. 

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