Monday, December 26, 2011

New Yamaha Rhino Audio System & Audio Housing by Genuine Yamaha OEM SSV-5B443-10-00 / SSV-5UG43-00-00

The New Yamaha Rhino Audio System & Audio Housing is available from GearUp2Go.  R
Enhance your adventure with this audio system developed specifically for Rhino. Our exclusive design has features no other system in the market offers. With its speed-sensitive volume adjustment, you don't need to reach constantly for the volume control. Volume increases automatically at high engine rpm and lowers light conditions. Solid-state and water-resistant construction provides for exceptional durability in the harsh Rhino environment. Standard features include FM/AM/WB radio with AUX input for media players. Has five station presets, seek and manual tuning, and bass and treble control. Four channel, 28 watts per channel output. Includes mounting plate for audio housing and AM/FM antenna. System is XM® Satellite and iPod® input ready (these features are sold separately).
Mount this easily installed housing under your dashboard, and install the stereo of your choice. Includes two 6" marine grade speakers, power leads, and a powered antenna that mounts under the hood.
The Audio Housing (SSV-5UG43-00-00), can be purchased separately; this is required for maximum system performance and protection.


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