Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gearup2go & Curtis Cabs -- a winning combination!

Curtis Industries
There is no better investment for your UTV or side x side than a cab enclosure. Gearup2go is honored to offer our customers the full product Line of Curtis Cabs and Enclosures for your UTV.  The Curtis Cab brand has been synonymous with quality UTV Cabs for over 40 years and is now being offered exclusively online by Gearup2go.com.  Curtis is known for their reputation of excellence in design and product development.  Customers all over the world have seen the rugged nature of Curtis Cabs and enclosures in real world applications while out on the trails, hunting, or working on the back 40.  These hard and soft cabs enclosures are make for Polaris Rangers, Polaris Ranger Crews, Polaris 400, Teryx, John Deere Gators, Yamaha Rhino, and many other popular UTVs.  If you want to make your  UTV standout in the crowd you found the right combination at with Curtis Cabs and Gearup2go.

Transform your Yamaha Rhino in 60 Seconds with the Yamaha Rhino Modular PathPro RCS cab enclosure; Curtis Industries engineers have designed a new, revolutionary, modular cab system for the YAMAHA Rhino that allows rapid convertibility from a fully enclosed cab to an open-air ride in seconds. The Curtis Rapid Convertible System (RCS) allows the user to choose one or all components, giving you flexibility as the seasons change. With our Rapid Convertible System, initial mounting brackets are installed in less than 2 hours. Once installed, the entire cab and its components can be removed or reattached in about 60 seconds! Polycarbonate windows are lightweight & durable. Windshield has an additional Quantum Coating for added durability and allows use of optional windshield wiper.
Decades of experience and innovation has made Curtis Industries the leader in aftermarket vehicle enclosures. Polaris Ranger 400/EV PathPro SS cab enclosures offer excellent fit-and-finish, superb styling and overall reliable functionality which are second to none. Steel frame doors with locking handles, zipper windows and velcro storage. Strong, polycarbonate windshield with hard coating for use with wiper kit. Easily removable bulb rubber on full perimeter of cab. Low profile, durable textured black steel roor with acoustica liner 30oz. clear, double-polished vinyl soft rear panel. Zipper rear window panel with easy velcro storage.

The Gator XUV PathPro SS Cab by Curtis Industries is an innovative cab system that easily mounts to the factory installed Operator Protection System (OPS). Manufactured from 40 oz. heavy-duty, high quality vinyl for improved cold weather performance. Lightweight design that is easy to install and offers unique functionality in varying weather conditions. Polycarbonate windshield with a Quantum hard coating which allows for windshield wiper use. Thermoformed TPO roof resists breaking and cracking. Doors have lift off pin hinges for easy removal and installation. Less than 2 hours to install entire cab system.

Whatever type of recreational riding or work you do, GearUp2Go has a cab enclosure for your vehicle!

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