Thursday, April 28, 2011

Silent entry increases the chance for game

It's pretty common for Hunters to use an ATV or UTV to get to and from the hunting grounds and tree stand. Making the least amount of noise while doing this can greatly increase the change of seeing game far sooner. The team of hunters here at GearUp2Go use a secret weapon for this function... exhaust extensions.
While most ATV and UTVs operate at under 98db (sound decibels) adding a exhaust extension can reduce the noise of the exhaust and machine by 50% or more! Our most popular seller is the Kolpin Stealth exhaust. Most exhaust extensions will help quite the machine down, but the Stealth Exhaust can do it without robbing power! Its easy to install and fits almost all machines. It comes in Black or Stainless.
You will be amazed at what this exhaust can do for your ride. Its almost scary how quite these babies are! We have been using these for about 6 years now without any problems and it makes a HUGE difference while plowing snow late at night or in the early morning as well. 

Get yours today!

Here is a little video showing the exhaust in black -

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