Monday, October 18, 2010

Safety at the Imperial Sand Dunes

Safety is incredibly important - even when you have a rollcage! If you're going to be at the dunes, or riding anywhere, please keep any eye out for others and yourself.
Halloween weekend will be the first trip of the season for many visitors, and the dunes will be much different than they were in the spring. As a result of shifting prevailing winds seen over the summer, razorbacks and witches eyes are more common. The hot summer weather leaves less moisture in the sand resulting in extremely soft slip-faces and leeward dune-tops. 
As always, visitors are cautioned to watch out for trick-or-treaters moving from camp to camp after dark. The ASA reminds all dune users about the importance of safety at the ISDRA. A free safety DVD called "Take Time Out For Safety" is available from the ASA’s web-site ( with more information.

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