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Best Snowmobile Destinations

All About Snowmobile Trails In Michigan's Upper Peninsula

Best Snowmobile Destinations

Are you a snowmobile fanatic but are sick and tired of revving it up in your backyard and circling the family swing set? Well, don't fret! It sounds like you have quite an imagination, which is good! But I've found some places that will allow you to put that imagination to rest for a few days, or even weeks, in exchange for the vacation of a lifetime that will allow you to expand passed your fenced-in backyard. If you're ready for a great time for your next snowmobile trip, I've rounded up a few fabulous places that will ensure you'll never want to leave. Check them out!

Moosehead Lake Cabins in Greenville, Maine

The Moosehead Lake area in Greenville, Maine is a perfect destination for snowmobiling with your friends. Open year-round but best for travel from mid-January to the first week of March; this fabulous location has plenty of perks for the snowmobile junkie. They offer an astounding 160-mile trail loop with gorgeous lake views and plenty of dining stops along the way. You can bring your own machine for a very reasonable registration fee, or rent one of theirs for a little bit more.

Some perks of the lounge include their great dining locations, which include Spring Creek BBQ, a fabulous restaurant that offers great food, sound trail information, and even better company. Also, on Saturdays at noon you can watch the popular ice races at Greenville Junction. If you want to venture into Downtown Greenville, you can stop by some of their unique restaurants, including Black Frog (no, they don't serve what you think), a great stop for munchies and appetizers, Rod n Reel, one of the lodge's favorite locations, which serves lunch and dinner, and Auntie M's, a breakfast and lunch destination. They advise that you should plan to reserve your trip mid week to avoid a large number of sledders, crowded conditions, and less-groomed trails. But no matter when you come, you're guaranteed to have a great time!

Utah Adventures

If you want to experience the beautiful, frigid winter of Utah with your friends and family - and snowmobile - then you have to visit their lodges and trails. They've created a fantastic vacation package for you at their lodges in either Park City or Salt Lake City. Their 3 day/3 night packages include standard, deluxe or luxury accommodations, a half-day guided, extreme tour (includes clothing and equipment), a 2-day snowmobile rental, snowsuits, boots and helmets for 2 days, and a rental SUV for up to 4 days.

Their lodges are available from November to March, based on snow conditions, and their prices vary depending on the length of the trip, location of the lodge, and preferred lodging accommodations. But once you get there you'll fall in love with their trails. And you'll have even more fun on their planned half-day extreme tour where you learn to operate your machine while simultaneously gazing at views of mountain peaks rarely seen by human eyes. The half-day tour covers your first day on your vacation - how you enjoy your remaining days is left completely up to you. Their only requirements are that drivers are at least 16 years old and carry a valid driver's license. After that, you're set!

Highland Wilderness Tours in Bancroft and Algonquin Park, Ontario

These expert-guided tours provide an excellent vacation choice for those who are interested in getting out of the United States for their snowmobiling adventure. They offer you a great time in the wilderness of Algonquin Park amidst the snowy falls of the Hastings Highlands and aboard your favorite snow-sailing machine. They offer great year-round lodging accommodations, which are great for those who are busy during the winter months, but of course, if you can make it during this time you'll experience the best snowmobiling of your life.

If you don't have your own snowmobile, you don't have to worry; they offer some great machines for your renting pleasure, including the Aortic Cat and Ski-doo, both of which offer comfortable rides with heated hand grips, thumb warmers, carbide runners and 400 & 500 cc's of power. Their rates range from $150 to $300 for up to six hours on a snowmobile tour, which sounds very reasonable, but they advise that before you choose a rate, figure out what a snowmobile costs, add in gas prices and insurance, and consider the price for a helmet and suit. This will guarantee that you make the right choice.

Rocky Mountain Tours

The Rocky Mountain Tours in Wyoming provide a great landscape for some great snowmobiling on the hills. These tours umbrella an array of hot spots to visit while cascading the snowy slopes. These destinations include Granite Hot Springs, Togwotee Pass, Yellowstone National Park, Gros Ventre Range, and Greys River. Price ranges vary depending on the destination you choose to venture to, but they all are said to guarantee a great time.
They boast that their tour guides are some of the best around; some of which have been hosting tours in the Wyoming backcountry for over 10 years. The tours offer rider orientation, which teaches you how to operate the machine, as well as driving etiquette, and then the guides take you on a tour through the beautiful backcountry for a ride you'll love. Rental equipment is available at reasonable prices and they offer reservations most of the year, so you have no excuse not to go!

Taking the perfect snowmobile trip can be a very invigorating experience. Whether you're gliding down the snowy hills in Ontario, cascading down the slippery slopes of Wyoming, or even enjoying a fabulous dining experience in a warm cabin in Maine, your snowmobile trip is guaranteed to give you the incredible charge of energy you've been waiting for all year. So the next time you're looking to get out of your backyard and onto a tall highland, think about one of these destinations for you and your family's snowmobiling adventure. You'll definitely regret if you don't - and your family won't let you live it down!


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