Sunday, February 27, 2011

NEW KXP System by Kolpin- Hot New ATV Accessory for 2011!!

Kolpin’s KXP system (New for 2011): 

The team was on hand at the Dealer Expo Show in Indianapolis, IN to see one of the hottest new products of 2011 revealed by Kolpin Powersports.  The KXP system was designed by Kolpin as the first product in the country to securely attach to the Polaris ATV front and back molded plastic luggage racks.  Before the KXP system no company could engineer how to securely attached aftermarket ATV accessories. should have this product up our website and ready for sale by early March.  If you would like to put in a pre-order give us a call @ 1-800-920-7574  or send us an email at


Here is the official Kolpin Press Release on the KXP System:

Finally... a selection of Kolpin Accessories compatible with Polaris®
composite racks using the Polaris® Lock & Ride™ System!!!

The new Kolpin X-Pansion system (KXP) uses our unique expansion plunger - Simply attach, tighten with NO tools, and ride! Specially designed mounting plates line up your Kolpin accessory perfectly with existing OEM rack mounts. The Kolpin KXP system provides secure accessory positioning with quick and easy changeover.

Now you can attach all of our wold famous Gun Boot® cases, including the newest Kolpin Gun Boot® 6.0 case or Tactical Gun Boot® case - all with a twist of the wrist. Quickly mount our handy Fuel Pack Jr. for extra fuel on a trail ride... or use our versatile Rhino Grip holders to carry utility tools... whatever you use requires, we have you covered!!! Purchase extra KXP plungers to attach Kolpin molded boxes or even your own accessories - the possibilities are endless!

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  1. As far as going up a steep hill- you will need to maintain enough speed to make the climb, but not enough to throw you out of control. Put your ATV in the appropriate gear and climb the hill while making sure your body weight is as far forward as possible just as long as you don't lose safe contact with your foot and hand controls. I would lean opposite of the direction you are turning with key here to not lose momentum!

  2. Do you know if it's possible to get a dust shield or something for my aero vent windshield? I love having it open, but I'm sick of being victim to the clouds of dust. Any advice?