Friday, November 12, 2010

Why an ATV Over a Horse?

Another great article on how ATV's are competing with horses for hunting & work!
Why an ATV Over a Horse?
Hunting season is upon us here in Colorado and estimates for ourundefined local forest range upwards of 38,000 hunters in our area. Wow, that's a lot of folks with guns! Obviously many of these folks are purist hunters who disdain anyone who may not have the desire or be physically able to walk the miles needed to stalk the wily elk and deer. Other hunters will drag huge horse trailers with built in living quarters for hundreds of miles just so they have something to feed, untangle, and listen to all night long. Still others will load ATVs on the back of their pickups or flat-bed trailers and mount the steel steeds rather than the hay-burners. All have the same objective but different approaches.

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